Mouse Haiku?

Seeing as how the last three day’s worth of posts were about mice, I thought it should be about time for a haiku break. “Gee”, thought I, “how about a haiku about mice and how much I hate them?”

So yeah I started writing that, and..

…starting laughing partway through at how stupid it was turning out (and very Jason-Friday-the-13th-ish) so I will spare you the mouse haiku.

Boy, did you luck out this time 😆


Haiku: 08-08-07


Singing happy soul
Whistle bright symphonic joy
Balm of the spirit

— sSsM2007

Haiku: 08-07-07


Sweet cacophony
in the summer dusking time
Celebration hums

— sSsM2007

On Haiku

By way of introduction: I like poetry.  Not in a fanatical way, and not (by any means) every poem ever written, nor am I an expert on the many poets who have gone before.

 I think there’s a poet of sorts in everyone, so being a “poet” is not necessarily any great thing in and of itself.

 When I was young I began writing as a way to sort out my feelings, to organize my thoughts, and to express things I couldn’t really say outloud. In terms of poetic expression I was able to use representative imagery and language that acted as a sort of encryption… a way to say what I wanted while maintaining the privacy of my own thoughts.

 Haiku is an interesting form that is difficult to truly accomplish in English unless one does not know about “on”, in which case one does not know one’s Haiku is coarse. I have an inkling about “on”, so I know my Haiky is coarse, but I write it anyway because it’s fun.

For the sake of honesty and levity I will  inform you right up front that I am under no delusions, and do not think myself to be some sort of “Haiku master”. Uh uh. My poetry can be as stinkingly odiferous as the next poet’s. But hopefully on occasion you’ll get a whiff of hyacinth or lilac or at least sunflower, should you subject yourself to reading them.